Ovis Cantus

Ovis Cantus is Noise #91.

Ovis Cantus
Noise 91.PNG
No. 91
HP 8000
Attack 100
Res + 100%
Res - 100%
PP 30

[edit] Information

Higashizawa's Noise Form. He can absorb all of Neku's psychs while inhaling!
-Noise Tab

[edit] Pin Drops

Ultimate- Stalwart as the Mount -0.13% Chance

Hard- Ovis -0.44% Chance

Normal- 10000 Yen -20.00% Chance

Easy- 5000 Yen -20.00% Chance

[edit] Strategy/Tips

A scary strong-looking monster, but that's only for the top-screen. The bottom screen is much easier to deal with as you just need to attack it's legs, run around, and wait when it opens up that dark swirly portal(which will simply suck up attacks). The top-screen is a bit tougher, and you'll have to learn how to block. The easiest thing to do is just to use Shiki's end-combo map hit so that she becomes invulnerable as much as possible. (Which would be helped if she had combo-map-reducing clothes). Aim for a fusion and beat this beast.

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