Princess K

Princess K, Lapin Angelique's shop owner.

Princess K runs the Gothic & Lolita shop, Lapin Angelique in A-East. She speaks in formal language and always speaks in the third person. She is generally polite, even if you do not buy anything from the store. When you become better friends with her, she will ask you to visit her blog, 'Princess Lessons'.

[edit] Quotes

  • "Princess K will assist you. Princess K works here to study the royal etiquette of the bunny realm."
    • Bolded portion indicates reference to the Chinese Zodiac, furthering proving meaning of LA representing the rabbit/hare.
  • Welcome back to Lapin Angelique. Princess K is happy as a lark to assist you.
  • Have you been to Princess K's blog, "Princess Lessons?"
  • Pairing that with this accessory would be so elegant. Would you care to see what Princess K has in mind?
  • Hop in whenever you're nearby sir. Princess K would be happy as a peacock to assist you.
  • Thank you for your purchase sir. Hop in whenever you're nearby. I'll have tea ready and waiting.
    • This quote, which can be unlocked after reaching 100% FSG, and leaving after having bought something, is the only time when Princess K uses the first person.
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