Reaper Sports

Reaper Sports are played between Reapers and Players, and Reapers normally initiate a Game when they are bored or in need of racking up points. During Week Three, Uzuki plays Tag with Neku and Beat, although Beat originally thinks the game is Hide and Seek. Reaper Creeper is also a Reaper Sport.

[edit] Reaper Sports

Reaper Sport 1--Russian Roulette. Never used in The World Ends With You.

Reaper Sport 2--Hide and Seek. Seen in Week Three with Konishi.

Reaper Sport 3--Player Hunt. Seen in Week One-Day One, when Kariya and Uzuki talk, and bet a bowl of Ramen to the winner.

Reaper Sport 4--Tag. Seen in Week Three when Uzuki takes Summon Rhyme from Beat.

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