Shiki Misaki

Name Shiki Misaki
Age 15

Shiki is Neku's first partner in The World Ends With You.


[edit] Description

Fashionable and fabulous at fifteen, Shiki knows clothes. While she puts on a cheerful face to lend Neku some much-needed moral support, deep down she harbors a secret... She never parts with her homemade stuffed animal, Mr. Mew; to survive, Neku can never part with her.
- Game Manual

Shiki is a naturally cheery person. Her peppy personality annoys Neku, and he is very cold to her at the start. However, eventually he opens up to her and they become friends.

[edit] Fighting Style

[edit] Weapon

Shiki fights by controlling her stuffed animal, Mr. Mew, whom she controls with psychomancy.

[edit] Earning Fusion Stars

Shiki's style of play resembles that of the card game "Memory." The player must navigate the Combo Map to select one of the displayed ESP cards. The selected card is then compared to the three face down cards at the top of the screen. If its symbol matches that of the right-most face down cards, then player is awarded two Fusion Stars if they guessed correctly on the first try, but only one if they took two or more tries. If the selected ESP card is not the first face down card, but is still among one of the remaining face downs, then its location will be shown briefly.

[edit] Aerial Attacks

Pressing up while Shiki is idle prompts her to jump into the air, avoiding any ground attacks and allows her to begin an aerial combo. Shiki's aerials are stronger than her ground attacks, but will only strike enemies that are flying or particulary tall. Additionally, she remains airborne for the least amount of time out of all three partners.

[edit] Defense

By pressing down while Shiki is idle, she will assume a brief guard stance. Though not all attacks can be guarded against, any attacks that can will result in no damage.

[edit] Reversal

At any time while going through the ground combo map, the player may press in the opposite direction to activate a counterattack. This ends the combo without selecting a card and attacks any enemies behind Shiki.

[edit] Difficulty Differences

The ESP Cards come in three different symbols on Normal and Easy difficulties - circle, plus, and wave. On Hard, star is added, and on Ultimate, square.

[edit] Tips And Tricks

  • Shiki is invulnerable during the uppercut of her ground Combo Finisher.
  • Due to the lag between frames of Shiki beginning aerial combo after jumping into the air, and Mr Mew following her movements, it's often possible to reach the end of the combo map before whether or not an attack hits an enemy can be registered. That is, one can play an ESP Card even if there are no Noise left on the field. Although the speed of input required to do this means that the player will not be able to choose which of the Cards is played by branching the combo - they'll have to settle for whichever card is dealt to the default branch - this method can be used at the end of a round to potentially earn a free Fusion Star, which would prove advantagous in any long Chain Battles.

[edit] Storyline

Spoiler Alert - Plot details ahead

Shiki in her real body, in the RG(Not known whether it is or isn't an official artwork)

Shiki is Neku's first Partner in the Reaper's Game. Although Neku is first turned off by her annoyingly bright and cheery personality, he tolerates her because he has to in order continue playing the Game, as he still wants to get his memories back. During the second day, he is told to kill her by the Reaper Uzuki Yashiro, who offers to remove him from the Game if he does so. He nearly goes through with it, but is stopped by Mr. Hankoma, who informs him that Uzuki didn't have the authority to make such a bargain, as it would be againest several of the Game's rules.

Over the rest of the week, Neku slowly warms up to Shiki, and she reveals to him that her entry fee for the Game was her real appearance. Her appearance is, in fact, an imitation of that of her best friend, Eri. During an emotional day, Shiki and Neku discover Eri walking around the Scramble Crossing, and Shiki runs off, believing that Eri no longer cares about her. However, Neku convinces her otherwise. At the end of the week, the two plan to meet each other at the Statue of Hachiko, Shiki promising to bring Mr. Mew along so that Neku can identify her. However, Neku is forced to remain in the game, as the Conductor, Megumi Kitaniji, states that only one Player from that Game will be allowed to come back to life. He announces that Shiki had the highest score of the three winners of that game, and would be brought back to life. Since Neku would be competing again, his memory, which was his previous entry fee, was returned to him, but a new fee would need to be collected for his participation in the next game. Shiki becomes his next entry fee, as he now values her over his memories.

Shiki does make another appearance, as she runs into Neku and Beat as they are heading along the Shibuya River to finish off the Composer, though it is not explained how she came to be there. When she hears about her being Neku's entry fee, she becomes a little embarrassed. She decides to come with them, but when they catch up to Kitaniji, he places one of the evil red Player Pins on Shiki, thus possessing her. Neku manages to remove the pin, and she joins Beat and Neku in defeating the final boss.

[edit] Another Day

In Another Day, Shiki is a huge fan of the Prince, and is part of a fan group called the 'White Angels', for whom she has made white T-shirts for them to wear to his birthday bash. It is revealed that she is friends with both Ai and Mina. It is also revealed that she has a strong rivalry with Uzuki, due to the fact that Uzuki is the leader of the White Angels' rival fan group, the 'Black Diabolos'. They reconcile, only to get into an argument again, this time over fan groups for 777.

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