Shuto Dan

Shuto Dan (or Shooter, as he is known among Tin Pin Slammer players) is the kid who explains Tin Pin to Neku for the first time. He can be obnoxious, often speaking loudly and irritating Neku in particular. You play against him before the Tin Pin tournament during Week Two and you may choose to play him at Stride from then on.

[edit] Another Day

Shooter gets a larger role in Another Day, as he heads the gang who lost their pins to the Black Skullers. His obsession with the lost pins alienates the other people, and his insistence on calling them by color names only serves to make him more unreal. Apart from Neku, the members of the gang do not seem particularly concerned with the names, and use them freely.

You may play against Shooter after beating the Black Skullers outside Molco.

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