Statue of Hachiko

The Statue of Hachiko as depicted in The World Ends With You

The Statue of Hachiko plays an important role several times in The World Ends With You:


[edit] Meeting Shiki

On the first day of the Game, Neku is chased out of the Scramble Crossing by frog-shaped Noise. When he gets to the statue, Shiki arrives and begs Neku to make a pact with him. Neku, although confused, agrees, and the two are bound together for the week. They later return to remove a curse from Hachiko, which turns out to be a wolf-shaped Noise.

Towards the end of the week, when it seems that both Neku and Shiki will win the Game and be returned to the Realground, they arrange to meet in front of the statue, as Shiki will be returned to her real body.

[edit] Meeting Joshua

Neku, aware that Shiki has been taken as his entry fee, went to search for a partner. Upon arriving at the Statue of Hachiko, he was attacked by crab-like Noise but is saved by the arrival of Joshua, who formed a pact with Neku before Neku realized he was there.

[edit] Bonding with Beat

In the third week, Neku, desperate for a partner, again waits by Hachiko. He meets Beat near there, and Beat gives up his rank as Reaper to become Neku's partner.

[edit] Shibuya Navigation

From Statue of Hachiko Go...

[edit] Trivia

  • Hachiko is based off a real-life Akita dog who continued to wait for his master at the station even after the master had died. Joshua tells you this story on Day Four or Five of Week Three. To get this conversation, walk up to Hachiko and press the [!!!] icon that appears.
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