Support Reapers

BJ and Tenho, 2 Support Reapers from 777's Band.

Support Reaper is the lowest position of Reaper. They wear either black or red jackets. Both Tenho and BJ from 777's band are Support Reapers. They will set a task for you to accomplish, and once that task is complete, they will bring the wall down and vanish.


  • Make a certain brand number one in that area,
  • Defeat the Noise in the area,
  • Win a Chain Battle,
  • Fight a Noise with selected Pins only,
  • Bring them a pin, CD, or food,
  • Reaper Review; where they will ask you three questions, subject from what's on the poster of an area to the kind of Ramen Ken Don gives only to friends.

From time to time, there will be a wall with no Support Reaper. This means that the area is not accessible during this day.

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