Swift Storm, Swift End

Swift Storm, Swift End
Pin 162.png
No. 162
Brand Dragon Couture
Class B
Max Level 5
Value 2,400
Spec Attack: 54
Psych Thundercloud
Boot Ready to use in 2.3s
Reboot Reboots in 2.3s
Limit Lasts 1.0s
Growth Bonus Power, Boot
Growth Speed Slow
Evolves to Black Sky, White Bolt
Acquired from Shibukyu Main Store

Swift Storm Swift End is Pin #162 in The World Ends With You.

Press empty space to create a ring and lock on to enemies that enter it, then lift the stylus to strike targets with lightning bolts.
-In-Game Info

[edit] Tin Pin Specs

  • Weight: 4
  • Spin: 8
  • KO Length: 5
  • WHAMMIES: Stinger x7, Bomber x9, Hammer x9, Hand x1
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