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[edit] Spotlight Page

It is incorrectly stated that Beat joins Neku on week two, as it's actually week three that he becomes a partner as Joshua is Neku's partner in week two.

[edit] Color Scheme

The brown is a bit much - hard to see the text.

I would recommend a lighter brown.

-Deathsythe 20:28, 1 October 2008 (UTC)

Working on it :) Will fix the metroid wiki too -R1DDL3S

[edit] Pins

All the pages for the pins have been eyes are now like @[email protected]! from adding all of those...I would like to have each pin categorized by brand so you can look up all the D+B pins, for example. Infoboxes need to be added for them and of course sprites as well --tekmosis 04:35, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

Brands will be added under the category of Pins and those will have each pin under them. Possibly also by the type of pin, aka Piercing Pillar and what not...and maybe even by activation? That way you can find a specific pin in a number of ways.


[edit] Infobox

Is it just me or is my font color change not taking effect? :| --tekmosis 05:01, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

It isn't :( --R1DDL3S

[edit] Pins (Infobox)

Can we please stick to a unified infobox for the pins? Perhaps we should make a template for it? --tekmosis 05:03, 2 October 2008 (UTC)
Example: Ice_Blow

--R1DDL3S: Sounds like a good idea to me

[edit] Secret Reports

I did the page for it, but i dont know how to put it in a catergory, or what catergory it should be in. Also how do i put in a contents thing? -Rabla

they don't have their own category. Not everything will either (unless we were to separate those pages). The contents box is usually added if there are multiple headings, but to force it you can add the following.



i cant get it to work.. can u put it there? -Rabla

It isn't going into a category. The page looks good right now :D Nothing else needs to be done to it.. -R1DDL3S

So no Table of Contents? -Rabla

It already has the table of contents ;). Just view the has the "Contents" box which has all of the headings as links within the page -R1DDL3S

[edit] Noise List

If i get permission, can we use this? -Rabla

No. That would be plagiarism, and I am already working on Noise pages. -R1DDL3S

[edit] Pin Drops

Can everyone start listing Pin Drop rates on the noise pages? examples are Ovis Cantus and Leo Cantus -Rabla

[edit] Spotlight Page

Do we have a system for what gets up there yet? also will it change, beat has been there for a while... How is it changed anyway? -User:Rabla