Tigris Cantus

Tigris Cantus is Noise #93.

Tigris Cantus
Noise 93.PNG
No. 93
HP 4444
Attack 70
Res + 100%
Res - 100%
PP 75

[edit] Information

Konishi's Noise Form. She can manipulate her shadow at will. If you're clever, you can turn that against her!
-Noise Tab

[edit] Pin Drops

Ultimate- Swift as the Wind -0.13%

Hard- Tigris -0.22%

Normal- Creepy Weepy Barrier -15.00%

Easy- Creepy Weepy Barrier -5.00%

[edit] Strategy

The battle with Tigris Cantus takes place in several stages, and knowing what will happen in each one is vital to success.

Stage 1: Taboo Noise will appear on the bottom screen, while she appears on the top screen. As Beat is the only one who can deal damage to her, focus your attacks on the top screen. To save time, keep the green puck moving between the two screens as fast as possible to maximize the damage dealt.

Stage 2: She will then take your pins from you, rendering Neku powerless. Therefore, Beat is again the only one whose attacks will be effective. Keep Neku out of her way so that she doesn't deal damage to him with her claws. (Hint: The middle section of the bottom screen shows her position at every moment. Use it in order to keep you attention focused on keeping Neku out of harm's way.)

Stage 3: You will be given one pin, the Rhyme pin. If you look around carefully, you will eventually see a gold glimmer of light on the bottom screen. Strike it quickly with the pin, and if successful she will appear briefly. Now focus your attention on the top screen. Do the same with it, and Beat will pull off a combo when he finds her. Keep repeating until she is dead.

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