Tin Pin Slammer

Tin Pin Slammer is a popular game found in The World Ends With You, and can also be played with real opponents through the use of Mingle Mode. To play, the player uses his or her pins to attack the opponent's pins; by knocking the enemy pin off the table, points are won.

In Its A Wonderful World, the Japanese Version, it is known as Marble Slash.

[edit] How to Play

Shooters Guide to Tin Pin. He draws this for Neku when asked to explain how the game works

First, you must choose your pins (or they are chosen at random), and then you are transported to the table. The message "Slam On!" will appear. By using the Touch Screen to maneuver your pin and the Psych button, you must push the other pin off the table. Attacks range from armor to great hammers popping out to stun the other pin. When a pin is pushed off, the point are awarded to the surviving pin.

[edit] In the Storyline

Neku and Joshua must win the Tin Pin Slam-Off in order to win a special gold pin (and thus, complete their mission for the day). Neku loses, but the winners happen to be Players, stopping the mission before time runs out.

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